About Us

Your Gateway to Wholesale Manufacturers in China

Our journey began with a simple idea – to connect companies around the world with the vast array of products and suppliers available in China.

We saw the incredible potential and value that Chinese online stores offer, but we also understood the challenges you will face, such as language barriers, complex shipping processes, and uncertainty about taxes and fees.

Driven by a commitment to make sourcing from China a breeze, we set out to build ShopInChina. Our team of experienced professionals pooled their expertise to create a process that takes the stress out of global trading and brings the world of China’s manufacturers right to your fingertips.

Upfront & Clear Pricing
Quality Control
Fast Delivery Worldwide

ShopInChina.eu is operated through a partnership between our parent company, UAB DRW, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and our subsidiary, Hangzhou Runli Trading Co., Ltd, located in Hangzhou, China.

UAB DRW functions as the central management entity from its Vilnius headquarters, while Hangzhou Runli Trading Co., Ltd extends our operations into China. This structured collaboration enables us to offer a comprehensive range of products and services to our customers. For any inquiries, you may contact either our Vilnius or Hangzhou offices.

By choosing ShopInChina, you are opting for a streamlined and transparent trading experience. We are committed to providing clear communication and no hidden fees. Our product offerings are not only high-quality but also fully compliant with EU regulations.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to quoting a single, comprehensive price that includes all costs from start to finish. Our Quality Control department, based in China, vigilantly oversees each step of the process, ensuring that we meet your requirements effectively.