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Our Simple, yet Effective Process

Sourcing products from China can be a complex task, filled with intricate logistics, market variations, and cultural nuances. Our process eliminates all the complexities, letting you focus on growing your business while we handle the intricacies of global trading.

Sourcing products from China can be a complex task, filled with intricate logistics, market variations, and cultural nuances. Our process eliminates all the complexities, letting you focus on growing your business while we handle the intricacies of global trading.

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We find your products manufacturers for the best price possible and prepare a personalized quotation.

Quality Control Is on Us

We get samples of your order from certified and trusted vendors. After you verify our photos and reviews of the samples we will source your products ensuring cost-efficiency.

We Take Care of Delivery

Using one of our carries we deliver your products to your chosen address.

No More Worries about Logistics

We believe in delivering excellence. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the best logistics partners in the industry. With their reliable services, your packages are in safe hands from China to your doorstep.

Why Choose Our B2B Sourcing Services?

Navigating the complexities of global trading can be challenging. That’s why we’re here, to streamline and simplify the process for you. Here are compelling reasons why you should choose our services:

Save Time and Money

We take care of every aspect of sourcing

Cheapest Prices

We find the best supplier that fits your needs

Quality Control

We make sure products meet your expectations

No Complex Logistics

We fully arrange delivery by rail, air or sea.


Frequently asked questions regarding our services

Where is ShopInChina company located?

ShopInChina is a joint project of a group of companies, with its parent company UAB DRW headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, and a subsidiary Hangzhou Runli Trading Co., Ltd located in Hangzhou, China. The parent company operates from Vilnius, serving as the central entity, while the subsidiary company operates out of Hangzhou. Together, these companies collaborate to create a dynamic business environment, offering a range of products and services. For inquiries, you can reach out to either the parent company in Vilnius or the subsidiary company in Hangzhou, China.

What service does ShopInChina provide?

ShopInChina provides a seamless one-stop sourcing experience, from identifying top manufacturers that provide the best combination of quality and price to delivering products to your door. We handle every step, ensuring quality and convenience.

Why should I choose ShopInChina?

Choosing our services ensures a hassle-free trading experience. Our commitment lies in providing transparency and simplicity, eliminating messy communications and unexpected charges. We take pride in offering you the finest selection of goods that align with your requirements and comply with EU laws. What sets us apart is our dedication to presenting you with one final, all-inclusive price, covering every aspect from door to door. Our efficient Quality Control is underpinned by a dedicated team stationed in China, meticulously monitoring the entire process on your behalf. With us, your trading journey is not just easy; it’s optimized for success.

Why to choose us over Alibaba?
Choosing us over Alibaba offers a distinct advantage driven by our unique strengths. As a team of both foreign and Chinese professionals operating within China, we possess an ultimate understanding of the quality expectations held by European customers. Our extensive experience allows us to curate a database of dependable manufacturers that aren’t found on Alibaba’s platform. Furthermore, we diligently assess and filter suppliers, identifying and addressing any red flags that may arise. Leveraging our Chinese staff’s local expertise, we thoroughly evaluate potential suppliers using Chinese databases, scrutinizing reviews and comments from native platforms. This comprehensive approach not only saves you valuable time but also ensures a hassle-free experience. To top it off, our commitment extends to quality control, guaranteeing that the products you purchase meet and exceed your expectations.
Do I have to be a business owner to use ShopInChina service?

Our B2B sourcing platform caters to a diverse range of users, including both companies and individuals. Whether you’re a business entity looking for bulk purchases or an individual looking to source products on a larger scale, our platform offers a streamlined solution to meet your sourcing needs. We understand the varying requirements of both enterprises and natural persons within the wholesale spectrum, and our platform is designed to facilitate successful transactions for all our users.

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